You can't rush the Cherry Blossoms! or Granola Bars gone green!

You can't rush the cherry blossoms!   But, we can fake it until we make it! 

Hurry up spring! In the mean time,  here's a short story about maple syrup gathering (it's happening right now!) and a really delicious and healthy green tea GenmaichaGranola Bar recipe by Sarah Copeland.

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How do I photograph a pie? hmmm. good question...

I'm studying how to shoot pies; slices, whole pies, the richness of the crumb crust, the creaminess of the whip topping, the juicy fruit- heck, simple things too, like the overall angle on the slice. I want to show the top of the pie but also, the inside.  The center is the "meat" ok- i should probably say "fruit" of the pie and it just has to look appealing and irresistible.  What should I put the pie on? Plates can be very reflective and I'd rather not see be distracted by that.  Maybe a doily would cut the reflections down. Burlap was suggested as a possible surface, and i just love how it disappears at the top of the frame on a well lit white table.  So, then i thought about napkins.  Could a napkin be a surface?  And I love the lightness, but what could work about a rich dark wood surface? 

I love pies.  They are so all american!  To me they say "HOME" and warm and comfort.  I love that they are made with real fruit-  grown here, in our warm sunshine and cool lake breezes.

They feel like richness to me and nourishment and comfort and mom all rolled into one!

I hadn't really considered all of the variations possible- and now that i've taken it on, well, i do see that there are lots of possibilities for pie. 



Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd love to hear what you think?

Sunday at Sylvia's

Fine table linens and antique sparkling silver serving ware are  part of the charm of being in Sylvia's home.  Her attention to detail invites even the grumpiest of friends to laugh and enjoy the warmth inside, while the outside is chilly and white with snow.  On this particular Sunday, we drank Vodka martini's and dined on fresh crab cakes and pineapple upside down cake, and shared a few poems, a few jokes.  All of this, takes the chill out of the air. Our hearts and minds are ready for spring- so, goodness Mother Nature, will you cooperate?


Fall Harvest in Northern Michigan; Meadowlark CSA Harvest Dinner

CSA's are such an amazing way to get our produce.  There are about 30 active farms in our region and so many varieties available.  Want a vegetable CSA? check out MLUI's list online.  Want a milk CSA? or cheese? those are available too.  Everything grows abudantly in our lovely region, grapes, hops, tomatoes, kale, carrots, squash, pumpkins, flowers- the list goes on and on. In Grand Traverse Area there are veg CSA's, milk, cheese, flower csa's, wineries, breweries...It's enough to make your stomach growl.

One of my favorite events, one that i look forward to every year is the annual Harvest Dinner at our CSA from Meadowlark Farms in Leelanau Penninsula.  John and Jenny always have fresh pressed cider and the members of their CSA and friends,  bring dishes to pass and share.  Since we all love fresh food, our dishes are usually comprised of the wonderful food that we get every week from Meadowlark.