How do I photograph a pie? hmmm. good question...

I'm studying how to shoot pies; slices, whole pies, the richness of the crumb crust, the creaminess of the whip topping, the juicy fruit- heck, simple things too, like the overall angle on the slice. I want to show the top of the pie but also, the inside.  The center is the "meat" ok- i should probably say "fruit" of the pie and it just has to look appealing and irresistible.  What should I put the pie on? Plates can be very reflective and I'd rather not see be distracted by that.  Maybe a doily would cut the reflections down. Burlap was suggested as a possible surface, and i just love how it disappears at the top of the frame on a well lit white table.  So, then i thought about napkins.  Could a napkin be a surface?  And I love the lightness, but what could work about a rich dark wood surface? 

I love pies.  They are so all american!  To me they say "HOME" and warm and comfort.  I love that they are made with real fruit-  grown here, in our warm sunshine and cool lake breezes.

They feel like richness to me and nourishment and comfort and mom all rolled into one!

I hadn't really considered all of the variations possible- and now that i've taken it on, well, i do see that there are lots of possibilities for pie. 



Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd love to hear what you think?